In our Lab we transform ideas into Apps

In September 2011, Oppenheim created the Lab, a programme to encourage staff members to contribute to the firm's success by sharing their innovative ideas. Members of Oppenheim’s staff continuously submit innovative ideas to the Lab on a range of issues from new or improved legal products and services to internal or external procedures, all of which are intended to enhance the quality of our services to clients.

Each submission is thoroughly reviewed, documented, tested and verified with the assistance of a stage gate system carefully designed to meet our exacting requirements. Oppenheim places special importance on the promotion of innovative ideas from the moment of conception until launch within the shortest possible timeframe. When we find that submitted ideas do not meet our requirements, they are terminated promptly in order to avoid the "already-too-much-invested-in-order-to-stop-syndrome" which often inhibits innovation.

If you wish to challenge our Lab, please send us a note at: and briefly describe any issue you may have relating to legal services. Identifying a problem is the first step to finding a solution. For our Lab, every problem is an opportunity to develop new ideas that lead to practical solutions.

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