Regulatory, Energy, Utilities and Healthcare

The players of regulated industries face the challenges of operating in an increasingly stringent regulatory regime. Increased vigilance and proactivity is required of businesses active in these markets. A deep understanding of the changing regulatory landscape and emerging trends is vital for efficient operation in these highly regulated markets. Equally, familiarity with the approach and expectations of regulatory authorities is also of paramount importance.

We are aware that, in a number of sectors and industries, the successful and reliable legal advice takes more than just an exceptional knowledge of the law and a meticulous attention to detail. Oppenheim has therefore created a dedicated practice group whose members specialize in supporting clients active in regulated industries and sectors. Our specialized lawyers are not only experts in the various sector specific (national and EU) law and regulation but also possess an intricate knowledge of how these industries work, understand their trends and are deeply familiar with the practice of the regulatory authorities.

We have extensive experience in a number of sectors and have provided legal advice and support to market players, regulatory authorities and even the legislator on a wide array of issues. We have particular expertise in the energy (natural gas, electricity, renewable energy sources), mining, utilities (water and sewage), healthcare and pharmaceuticals and transport sectors.



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