Oppenheim’s Vienna Office

In 2012, Oppenheim established a branch office in Vienna, Austria, a major business centre and an important commercial interchange between the east and west of Europe. We opened this office in order to provide our clients with two primary benefits.

Firstly, our Western European clients can take advantage of our Vienna office as a convenient anchor point for doing business in Eastern Europe. We provide complete legal support to clients wishing to obtain assistance regarding their activities in Eastern Europe but, for reasons of time management, prefer to deal with an office in Vienna.

Secondly, our Eastern European clients can rely on our Vienna branch office as a springboard for serving their needs as they seize opportunities in a united Europe. Our team of experts in Vienna is aware of the needs, expectations and requirements of clients acting on the international stage. Such clients require a clear understanding of local legal or regulatory frameworks in order to successfully conduct business in multiple markets. Our Vienna branch office provides the best possible legal advice enabling clients to maximise profits whilst protecting their legal interests.

Our Services

We provide legal advice and support in connection with:

  • Business expansion in Europe
  • Litigation and the conduct of claims in Europe
  • Company formation and company secretarial matters in Europe
  • Public and private tenders in Europe
  • Start-ups and financing, from the beginning to the close of financing
  • Investment protection and disputes
  • Cross border mergers

The Team

Ulrike Rein (head of the Vienna Branch Office)
Zoltán Baranyai
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