Oppenheim’s values are deeply rooted in the demanding standards set by our people and their professional, market driven approach. As a result, our clients appreciate our client-centric focus, which combines high quality service with extreme depth of legal knowledge.


Our goal is to develop simple, easy to understand solutions and transparent processes. Such solutions and processes require thorough planning, extensive experience and innovative thinking. Oppenheim can offer superior legal solutions to our clients due to the creativity of our people combined with their international legal expertise and first-rate sector specific knowledge.

Our culture requires:
  • creativity and innovation
  • sector specific knowledge
  • a task-oriented approach
  • a collaborative client experience
  • simple and easy to understand advice
  • being accessible to clients
  • professional development
  • us to inspire those we deal with


Our clients receive a consistently high level of service due to our extensive experience, high quality infrastructure and ample capacity. Oppenheim’s flawless structure enables us to satisfy even the most complex demands.

Our strengths rest on:
  • a broad capacity to service clients
  • the provision of complex services
  • more than 20 years of international experience
  • a fair and project specific fee structure
  • deep local knowledge
  • robust assets
  • a competitive workforce
  • stamina and resilience


Oppenheim’s team of colourful lawyers have been forged from our origins in the community combined with a rich history and a depth of experience. We have great talent, unique personalities, and an abundance of legal experience.

We are defined by:
  • Klára Oppenheim
  • our unique personalities
  • courageousness
  • having a sense of humour
  • success


Many members of our firm have been with us since their graduation from law school.

We believe in:
  • a sustainable human resources strategy
  • each case being treated on its own merits
  • empathy
  • proactivity
  • loyalty

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