Insolvency and restructuring

Our insolvency and restructuring team is experienced in advising clients on insolvency related matters. We support clients by planning and implementing innovative restructuring solutions and strategies. Regardless of whether it is a domestic or cross-border insolvency, the overriding objective, even in the most complex cases, is always to devise an efficient solution that complies with strict regulatory requirements and which also provides added value to our client.

The team advises companies facing financial difficulties, its shareholders or executives on pre-insolvency reorganizations and re-financings. Once a company’s insolvent liquidation becomes inevitable, the quality of legal support is paramount for both debtors and creditors.

Our expert lawyers have a wealth of experience assisting clients regarding the rights of their creditors and in representing them as creditors prior to the commencement of, and during the course of insolvency proceedings, and often in insolvency litigation. This experience entails an intricate understanding of both Hungarian and international insolvency regulations, the various legal instruments applied in foreign jurisdictions and their implementation in Hungarian cases. Due to the complex nature of insolvency and restructuring, our insolvency and restructuring team works in close cooperation with financial, tax, and criminal law advisors as well as other specialists.



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