Oppenheim Galaxy - our new corporate identity
oppenheim galaxy logoOver the past hundred years, logos have become an integral aspect of corporate identities. Many logos enjoy high recognition and respect and are heavily protected. Logos express the values of a company’s brand.

When companies build their brands, they are increasingly relying on the new concept of dynamic corporate design. Such design is becoming popular due to the benefits from company employees expressing their individuality. Under traditional corporate design, such employee expression was impossible, which limited the ability of organizations and companies in increasing diversity by focusing on innovation, personal development and creativity. The importance of these values goes far beyond anything a traditional corporate logo is capable of signifying.

The dynamic corporate design concept is ideal for law firms, as the legal profession is heavily reliant on the individual talents of its members. Law firms can better access the value of their attorneys by nurturing their individuality via the above-mentioned values of innovation, personal development, and creativity.

Oppenheim’s new corporate identity was conceived to represent our shared values. The Oppenheim logo has been modified with the addition of a new dynamic element - the Galaxy. The Galaxy is designed to express the creativity and professionalism of the individuals in our firm and to reinforce the bonding between the Oppenheim brand and its values. The structure and the shape of the Galaxy depicts the diversity of the individuals making up our team and is encoded with their names and personal details.

oppenheim galaxy
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