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12. July 2024.

ECTA Annual Meeting in Antwerp

12. July 2024.


16. January 2023.

Changes in the Hungarian Labour Code from 1 January – summary by the experts of Oppenheim

As of 1 January 2023, the Labour Code was amended on several points, creating significant new obligations on the employers' side. The experts of Oppenheim, Dr. Zsolt Cselédi and Dr. Lívia Mihovics summarize the most impactful parts of the amendments, as well as the novel employers' obligations resulting from such amendments.

21. June 2021.

The new hungarian UBO legislation - what you need to know

On 22 May 2021, a new act (Act XLIII of 2021) has entered into force on the establishment of the UBO register in Hungary as well as on the detailed rules of the registration and related obligations of the companies involved therein (hereinafter the Act). Certain sections of the Act are going to enter into force at a later date.

14. October 2020.

Foreign investment screening regimes in Hungary (consolidated / updated october 2020)

Within the framework of emergency measures stemming from the COVID-19 epidemic, the Hungarian Government introduced sweeping changes to the foreign investment screening rules.

3. April 2020.

Coronavirus and certain corporate law issues

The pandemic and the related measures taken to restrict social contacts are challenging many businesses. In the Law_Point publication we highlight a special aspect of the situation: the liability of foreign managers of foreign parent companies under Hungarian law for certain acts and decisions relating to their Hungarian subsidiaries.

10. March 2020.

Coronavirus and Competition Law

There are now several excellent posts and articles about the legal aspects of the novel coronavirus epidemic (or, to be precise, the epidemic of the COVID-19 disease stemming from the SARS-CoV-2 virus), including employment law, insurance law, civil law and data protection law perspectives. I felt compelled to ask: is my own area of expertise, competition law, relevant at all to this subject?

3. November 2017.

M&A Insights – Due Diligence from the Buyer’s Perspective

Enabling and conducting a proper due diligence of the target business is one of the prospective buyer’s first major tasks in the course of an M&A transaction. What are the keys points to do it right?