Gábor Fejes re-elected Vice-President of the Hungarian Competition Law Association

The prestigious Hungarian Competition Law Association ("HCLA") recently held its general assembly and unanimously re-elected Gábor Fejes, the head of Oppenheim's antitrust, competition and trade practice group, as its vice president.

The appointment acknowledges Gabor's more than 20 years of professional experience, focusing almost exclusively on Hungarian and European competition law, his academic career as a scholar and frequent speaker as well as his involvement in the HCLA's activities throughout the years.

The prestigious HCLA (and its predecessors) have been a member of the International League of Competition Law (based in Geneva, Switzerland) since 1930. The HCLA's aim is to promote the culture of competition and to actively foster professional dialogue among all practitioners of competition law, whether at the Hungarian Competition Authority, at courts or at the bar. The HCLA is an NGO, which the government consults as regards any draft legislative act which relates to the area of competition.


Further information about the HCLA is available at its webpage.


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